The 1970's

1971-1973       Drug Education Program

1972-1978       Casa Delhi - This community center was established in 1972, by the JLOCC, in the Delhi barrio of Santa Ana to serve as an activity and volunteer placement center. Craft and language classes were provided, as well as childcare. Merged with another community center and renamed the Delhi Center.

1972-1975       The Environmental Nature Center “History of Our Environment Project” – Project included three neighboring school districts with docent training and assistance.

1973-1977       Assessment and Treatment Services Center of Coastal Orange County (ATSC) - This project involved working with local law enforcement agencies in the development of a diagnostic treatment and referral agency for Orange County juveniles and their families. The League funded the salary of a full-time psychologist for one year at the Center. Members served as community educators and advocates through a Speakers Bureau, acted as receptionists and follow-up interviewers for clients, and conducted a high-level countywide seminar on the juvenile justice system.

1974-1975       League KOCM Radio Program – A Community Forum started by the Publicity Committee with weekly interviews of community and League people.

1975-1980       Project “Music History” - This project was turned over to the Orange County Philharmonic Society.

1975-1981       Project “Action on Alcoholism” (aka: New Directions for Women) - Based on a member’s personal struggle, the League had the compassion, resources, and energy to launch the Action on Alcoholism project for alcoholic women. After training 50 League and community members about alcoholism, volunteers were placed in various alcohol-related fields under the guidance of the Alcoholism Council of Orange County. The project developed into the opening of a halfway house for women. In 1977, Action on Alcoholism separated into two projects: Alcoholism Advocacy and New Directions for Women. Alcoholism Advocacy terminated as a project in 1978. New Directions was turned over to the community in 1982. Begun at a time when women alcoholics had virtually no treatment or support options, New Directions continues as a thriving non-profit organization serving Orange County.

1976-1980       Development Progress of Pre-School Children - This project was turned over to a community group in Huntington Beach.

1977-1997       Child Advocate Newsletter (CAN)