The 1990's

1990-1992      Homeless Outreach Program

1990-1992      Neighborhood Preparedness Project

1990-1995      Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) – This project, in conjunction with the Orangewood Children’s Foundation, brought together the multiple social and legal entities involved in the processing of reported cases of sexual abuse of a child under one roof to lessen the trauma of the child victims.

1990-1995       Homeless Outreach Program  (HOP) for Irvine Temporary Housing  - Through the efforts of trained JLOCC and community volunteers, homeless and nearly homeless families in Orange County were guided through a comprehensive program that provided intervention directed at preventing chronic homelessness.

1991-1995      “Christmas In April” serving Orange County (aka: Rebuilding Together Orange County)

1992-1993       Clinic Without Walls

1992-1995       Prime Time Literacy - Collaboration with Camp Fire Boys and Girls, this program brought the joy of reading and the importance of literacy to at-risk children. The JLOCC read to children in homeless and battered women’s shelters throughout Orange County, with each child receiving a book of their own to keep. Annual book drives organized by the JLOCC were held in local middle schools, collecting over 25,000 children’s books for the Camp Fire literacy programs.                      

1992-1995        Blind Children’s Learning Center

1993-1994        Child Watch Visitation

1995-1996        Mary’s Shelter

1995-1996        Child Welfare League

1995-1998        South Orange County Family Resource Center – In partnership with the Children’s Bureau of Southern California, Mission Hospital and the Child Abuse Prevention Council, the Center was established for families to have a resource for education, referral and support services.

1995-1999       Girls and Boys Clubs of Garden Grove (aka: Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove)

  • “The World Is Mine” (1995-1999) - JLOCC members planned a series of mentoring programs in which the JLOCC women acted as role models and mentors to girls between the ages of 9 and 11 who are at risk for teen pregnancy. This program paired volunteers with girls to see the benefits and opportunities that result from making positive choices and postponing parenting in favor of continued education.
  • “Awesome Destinations” (1996-1997) - This mentoring program allowed JLOCC women to act as role models and mentors to at-risk boys and girls, ages 11-14. This program identified for the kids the variety of career opportunities available to them through continued education and goal setting.                

1996-1997      Children’s Bureau

1996-1999      Project for Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy (PPAP) –A multi-faceted program that targeted children in middle schools and provided strategies that would help delay parenthood. The program included a classroom curriculum, marketing materials, and “Baby Think It Over” dolls.

1996-2000      Orangewood “On My Own” - The JLOCC worked with the Orangewood Children’s Foundation to assist foster children in making the transition from foster care to independent living. The Business Mentor portion of the program assisted the youth in finding paid, part-time jobs and matching the youth with business mentors. “Independent Living” workshops also were offered to help foster children gain skills necessary to live on their own.

1996-2000       Girls Hope - Boys Hope/Girls Hope of California help academically capable children who are “at-risk” by placing them in a value-centered, family-like home, and providing them with a quality education through college. The JLOCC assisted with the establishment and furnishing of the Girls Hope Home in Fullerton, which houses girls between the ages of nine and seventeen, and staff members. The JLOCC also arranged fun, educational outings for the girls, assisted with a mentor program, and continued to make improvements to the home for the duration of the project.

1996-2000       CASA “Cultural and Recreational Outings” - the JLOCC coordinated outings for CASA

1997-2000       Girls Inc. - Girls Inc. (formerly: Girls Clubs of America) is a national nonprofit youth organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.   The JLOCC teamed up with Girls Inc. to implement a program for pregnancy prevention. Girls Inc. provides teen girls access to positive role models to help them get a realistic picture of opportunities available in their future. JLOCC assisted by implementing a program that included conducting career-oriented outings and activities, becoming role models, participating in community projects with the girls, and evaluating the effectiveness of each component of this program.

1997-2002      It’s My Responsibility to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (aka: “Teens Rally For a Healthy Future”)

1999-2004      Services to Encourage and Empower Kids (SEEK) - SEEK was a collaborative effort between the JLOCC and the Girls and Boys Clubs of Garden Grove and the Boys and Girls Club of Capistrano Valley, to create a model multi-faceted project offering innovative programs and comprehensive services for the entire family. SEEK programs included:

  • “The World is Mine” (Garden Grove: 1999-2004 & Capistrano Valley: 1999-2004)
  • “Awesome Destinations” (Garden Grove: 1999-2004 & Capistrano Valley: 2000-2004)
  • “Family Resource Library” (Garden Grove: 1999-2004) – Located at the Family Campus and available for use by the entire Orange County Community, the Family Resource Library is one of the few locations in Orange County where families can receive valuable information, materials and guidance to assist them with day-to-day parenting concerns. Information about health care, behavior, education, language and literacy is readily available in a family-friendly environment. Workshops and special events involved collaboration with business, education, social services, health care agencies and other community-based organizations.
  • “BOSS” – Business Oriented Success Skills (Garden Grove: 2000-2004) – JLOCC members designed this program for youth between the ages of 14 – 18. The program prepared individuals for their first jobs and to find colleges in which the education required for a specific dream job may be pursued.