The 2010's

2010-2013      Second Harvest, “Food Bank Backpack” Program & Adopt-A-Pantry Program - Established in 1983, Second Harvest Food Bank’s mission is to eliminate hunger in Orange County. In response to the growing concern of childhood hunger, Second Harvest Food Bank established the Kids Cafe program providing after-school snacks and summer meals, a time when low-income and poverty level children often go without, as well as nutrition education activities to underprivileged children in Orange County. The Backpack program, nationally sponsored by Feeding America, will serve 144 youth in 3 locations - Santa Ana, Westminster and Anaheim. During the duration of the project, the program will expand to 15 locations feeding 700 children. JLOCC members assist in coordinating food drives, assembling backpacks filled with healthy food and nutrition education handouts, and coordinating training events. In 2012 Second Harvest Food Bank established the mobile Adopt-a-Pantry program. The JLOCC provided funds to stock the mobile pantry and distribute the food to families in Orange County. 

2011-2012      Community Garden - The Community Garden is in its first planning year. This project will help prevent hunger and improve nutrition by providing fresh produce for low-income families, seniors, and food pantries. It will also educate children and families about gardening, nutrition, and healthy cooking. In conjunction with a community partner, the JLOCC will develop a planting plan, nutritional and exercise programs, hands-on demonstrations for the garden and an educational curriculum.

2011-2014      Resources in Motion - In partnership with The Raise Foundation, the JLOCC is working to prevent child abuse by strengthening families.  Through Resources in Motion (RIM), The Raise Foundation provides critical services and basic needs assistance including parenting skills classes, nutrition classes, and counseling, via a mobile unit to families who live in neighborhoods with limited or no access to these services and are at high risk for domestic violence and child abuse. The JLOCC will join with RIM to expand the current services by assisting The Raise Foundation in organizing and facilitating weekend “Family Fun Days” in these at-risk neighborhoods.

2012-2017     Blind Children’s Learning Center - The Blind Children’s Learning Center (“BCLC”) provides early intervention, education and services for blind, visually impaired or deaf-blind children and their families to empower independence. The JLOCC will embark on a multi-faceted partnership with BCLC to increase the impact of the current services by: (1) developing an extensive sports program to help students strengthen their balance and mobility and bolster their confidence; (2) expanding the current music program at BCLC, which would increase the children’s exposure to and appreciation of music; (3) improving on already established “Parents’ Night(s) Out;” and (4) developing a parent support group to include educational programs in an emotionally supportive environment.

2012-2015     Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County - The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County (“DSF”) serves people with Down syndrome through educational, social and support programs delivered in partnership with individuals, families, professionals and communities. DSF focuses on parental support, educational best practices and advocacy with the goal of building a world in which people with Down syndrome live as valued members of their communities. The JLOCC will partner with DSF to implement new services to possibly include a lending library, teen support center and parent support group.

2012- 2015   Human Trafficking Awareness and Education Campaign - Due in large part to the resort industry in Anaheim, Orange County has become a hub of human trafficking in California. Much of this trafficking is domestic with victims relocated to Orange County from other parts of the United States. Foster children are particularly vulnerable to human traffickers in that they often lack a stable home life and support system. The issue of human trafficking is still being researched and is in the early stages of being addressed in Orange County and currently the most impactful effort the JLOCC could make is furthering public awareness and education. The JLOCC will expand existing community-based education and communication programs about human trafficking in Orange County and how to identify victims. This training will be developed with input from and delivered to health care workers, social workers, law enforcement, teachers, child care workers, and JLOCC members