What is The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI)?

AJLI was formed in 1921 by more than 30 forward-looking Leagues with the purpose of uniting all Junior Leagues to provide continuity and support, and serve as a steward for The Junior League Movement in promoting voluntarism, developing the leadership potential of women and improving the quality of life in the communities they serve. Currently, AJLI has been providing support, guidance, and leadership development opportunities to the 292 Junior Leagues, including the JLOCC, located throughout Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

AJLI marshals a host of resources to provide support to its member Leagues in their fulfilment of The Junior League Mission. It conducts meetings, provides comprehensive training and tools, cultivates collaboration and cross-pollination among Leagues, promotes best practices, offers customized consultations, and is continually in touch with its member Leagues through all League emails, an interactive website, and connected, AJLI's printed and online magazine.

How does AJLI help the JLOCC?

Community & Civic Leadership Development

Based in New York City, AJLI staff members work with League leaders to provide assistance in League governance, financial, and business management, communications, strategic planning, membership development, fundraising and community impact. Each year, AJLI hosts leadership and governance meetings including Annual Conference, Fall Leadership, and Winter Leadership, and provides training through Organizational Development Institute Conferences. Regional meetings provide training opportunities locally and are organized by the Leagues. In addition, AJLI is in the process of developing and providing an assortment of online learning opportunities including interactive online training, self-paced learning modules, webinars as well as on-demand Help Desk.

Building the Global Junior League Brand

One of AJLI's most critical responsibilities is to build the global Junior League brand. It works both internally and externally to increase awareness about the work of Junior Leagues and to tap opportunities to gain recognition for League programs and accomplishments. AJLI supports the meaningful work being done by the Leagues and works to promote it in a variety of ways including media outreach, features in connected postings in social media forums, and inclusion on the AJLI website via features such as the Newsfeed, Upcoming Events Calendar and Community Projects. In addition, AJLI strives to cultivate and maintain synergistic ties with other like¬-minded organizations in the hope of enhancing the organization's image and adopting best practices.

Connecting 150,000 Movers & Shakers

AJLI is committed to members to learn from each other regardless of where they are located geographically in an effort to cultivate a more engaged, impassioned and efficient membership. To that end, we:

  • Offer numerous networking opportunities at leadership and training meetings
  • Provide important contact information for Leagues and League Boards through our online Contact Directory
  • Maintain profile data which includes details on League activities such as fund development, recruitment, strategy, etc., and what Leagues are doing in their communities to make an impact
  • Develop the online content and annual print version of connected magazine.
  • Develop web-based tools that enable Leagues and League members to share resources and network.
  • Offer access to free web meetings platform, Fuze, that allows members to schedule and host online meetings
  • Maintain the JL Contact Directory a searchable online
  • Develop and maintain an official presence in the sphere of social media, uploading League news and educational content about League initiatives-and attracting members, fans, and followers via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Foursquare and Pinterest

Levering the Power of Association to Support League Fundraising Efforts

AJLI works with its sponsors and partners (i.e. Colgate and the company's Bright Smiles, Bright Futures initiative) to benefit the individual Junior Leagues as well as the Association.

Providing Member Benefits and Services

While AJLI works mainly with League leaders, we also seek opportunities to provide benefits and products (i.e. car rentals, lodging, goods and services) to individual Junior League members. Refer to the Member Benefits and Services section of AJLI.org.

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