Membership Requirements

We have three levels of membership status: Provisional, Active and Sustaining Member 

Provisional Member:

The JLOCC Provisional Program is designed for women with busy schedules and serves as an informational term to learn about the Junior League. A Provisional Member is required to complete the program in as few as four months or as many as 18 months. Your time commitment as a Provisional Member can range from 5 - 7 hours per month at meetings and events, which are predominantly scheduled during weekday evenings and weekends.

All Prospective Members  are invited to attend  a New Member Reception and must attend a New Member Orientation to obtain a Membership Application and Provisional Course Outline. Click here for available dates.

Our Provisional Program consists of four trainings designed to educate new members on Junior League structure and programs. All four trainings must be completed to be considered for Active Membership:

  1. JLOCC 101
  2. Junior League History and Community Outreach
  3. Fund Development & Finance
  4. Leadership

In addition to the four trainings above, Provisional Members are required to attend General Membership Meetings, volunteer at our Community Projects, support fundraising efforts and participate in the Provisional Project, Kids in the Kitchen.

Annual Dues: $338.00 ($205 JLOCC Dues, $43 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) Dues, $70 Provisional Course Fee, $20 JLOCC T-shirt Fee). Amount of JLOCC Dues accessed is prorated based on start date of the Provisional course.

Active Member:

After completing the Provisional Program, you will become an Active Member of the Junior League of Orange County! All Active Members are immediately placed on a committee within the Junior League and are offered a flexible menu of community volunteer, training and fundraising opportunities to fulfill their Membership requirements. Active Members attend General Membership Meetings, trainings, volunteer for “done in a day” community projects, and assist with a variety of our fundraising efforts. All Active Members support our largest fundraising event, The Christmas Company, by volunteering their time at the annual shopping and special event fundraiser. Monthly community volunteer opportunities and social events are available to give back and mix and mingle with fellow JLOCC members! On average, our Members spend between 5 – 15 hours per month on Junior League related activities.

Annual Dues: $248.00 ($205 JLOCC Dues, $43 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) Dues, payable by March 31, 2016.

Sustaining Member:

Our Sustaining Members have served as Active Junior League Members for seven years or more. They no longer have annual Member Requirements except specified annual dues; however they serve as mentors to the Provisional and Active members of the Junior League and act as a valuable resource of support and inspiration.  Many of our Sustaining Members have applied their skills learned while volunteering in the Junior League to serve as leaders in the community or other charitable organizations in Orange County.

Annual Dues: $113.00 ($70 JLOCC Dues, $43 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) Dues, payable by March 31, 2016.