Why Join

The Junior League of Orange County, California has a long legacy of creating a positive impact in our community through our members’ hard work, dedication, leadership and unique talents. We reach out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to voluntarism and developing the potential of women.  

In addition to offering endless opportunities for personal and professional growth, JLOCC is also an amazing place to create lifelong, meaningful friendships with exceptional women in a structured and supportive environment while making a positive impact on your community.

 Benefits of Membership

  • Participate in trainings for effective community leadership and personal development

  • Improve your community through organized and effective teamwork

  • Gain insight into community needs and strategize to fulfill them

  • Interact with community agencies and civic leaders

  • Utilize your current skills and develop new ones

  • Build friendships with a diverse group of current and emerging female leaders

  • Participate in exciting fundraising and special events

  • Transfer to other Junior League chapters if you relocate

Hear Why Others Joined


Not only does Junior League work for bettering the community in theory – they also do it in practice.  Because of the training component, our members are really able to be hands-on experience in the community.

We are an incredibly unique organization in that you will join and learn so much about your community and yourself.  By the time you are ready to move on to a sustaining membership, you will actually be a different person.  You will be a person that can go out, make changes, increase your self confidence and your value to your family and your community.

CAROLYN McINERNEY, Sustaining Member

To me, Junior League is like a petri dish.  It’s women and cultures gathering, growing and creating the most amazing things in the community. 

The Junior League does such a great job because the women in Junior League are so creative.  They have a can-do spirit and really want to succeed. 

If you look at the successes of the Junior League in terms of the projects we started in this community, they have grown and are now thriving.  

ROYA FOHRER, Active Member

Junior League of Orange County trains its members to be highly effective volunteers – to leave long-term, sustainable impacts here in Orange County.  Whether we’re working with foster children, children with special needs, or trying to prevent child abuse, League members are educated on the topics we’re working on, passionate about the clientele they’re serving, and knowledgeable resources for all of our community partners. 

KRISTIN SCHEITHAUER, 2011-12 President

I became acquainted with several Junior League members when I was an undergrad at UCI.  They were such wonderful mentors that I knew that was the place I wanted to be.