Operations Vice President

Suzanne Lee

Suzanne kicked off her Junior League journey in Colorado Springs 15 years ago. She’s drawn like a moth to the flame of leadership and has held various roles with both JLCS and JLOCC. After a brief hiatus to focus on her career and other mildly boring but still very important things, she’s back in action and ready to rock the VP of Operations role.

Junior League has been a part of her life for so long, and she’s drawn to the community outreach, skill building, and social connections that have been an integral part of her League experience.

BTW, this gal loves to communicate: she’s got a BA in Journalism and a Postgrad in Public Relations.

By day, she’s the VP of Marketing and Communications at a marketing and sales agency in Tustin, but don’t worry; she always makes time for Star Trek marathons, outdoor adventures, reading, traveling, and snuggling with her rescue pup, Howie.