Operations Vice President

Luna Hernandez

Luna joined the Junior League during the pandemic as a way of meeting people and getting involved in her community. Having recently immigrated to the United States from South Africa, the Junior League has played a pivotal role in her assimilating to her new home. From a young age, Luna has enjoyed the support of inspiring groups of women initially by signing up for every extra-curricular that she could at school, and then through her work with the Electoral Commission of South Africa, her local Town Council and several Non-Profit Organizations.

Luna believes that her most defining personality trait is her curiosity that is seldom satiated, and this has led to her being a lifelong learner with a passion for information. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of South Africa, needed to pivot quickly when immigrating and obtained a Paralegal Certification from University of California Irvine, and is now in the process of obtaining a Professional Data Science certification through IBM.

Her latest obsession is everything related to blockchain technology and machine learning. This woman’s idea of fun is being given a complex problem that needs to be picked apart, examined and made sense of. She loves to write poetry, drink coffee and go for runs along the Back Bay. Overall, she believes that even though we might not solve all of the world’s issues, we can leave a legacy of always trying our best to do the small things that we can, to make it even just a little better.