Junior League Juniors

Junior League Juniors is a program designed to inspire elementary school children (Kindergarten – 5th Grade) to be active members of their community, to promote volunteerism, and to expose children to local issues where they can make an impact both today and in the future. The goal is that our events will teach children about important issues facing Orange County and inspire them to continue to get involved and help better their communities throughout their lives.

The Junior League Juniors Program Series consists of five to seven events between the months of September and May. Each event will shine a spotlight on a different community issue. Some of the past years’ events have been focused on bullying, adoption awareness, social isolation among those with disabilities, multicultural health and hunger, Earth Day, and physical fitness.

Our events take a service learning approach, which means they will have a lesson portion followed by a volunteer portion that will allow them to directly apply what they have learned. Getting hands on experience with each issue and with community partners will allow the children to truly feel that they are contributing to change and making a difference.

For additional information on the Junior League Juniors Program,  please contact the JLOCC Junior League Juniors Project Manager at jljuniors@jlocc.org

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