Legislative Efforts


The members of the SPAC delegation advocate for specific legislation relevant to member League issues; educate home Junior League members about advocacy and public policy; and coordinate the exchange of information from community-based league projects to policymakers.

Since 1992, SPAC has sponsored seven bills and co-sponsored three bills that are now California Law; sponsored two California Resolutions; and co-sponsored one Congressional Resolution. Please visit our CalSPAC page for more information on this important Junior League initiative in California.


Successful Legislative Efforts



AB 172  Provided substantial funding for and expanded preschool programs.  Chaptered 2005



AB 2268  Established the Children’s Bicycle Helmet Law.  Chaptered 1993

AB 2661  Requires Department of Social Services to provide access to information relation to decertification of foster care families.  Chaptered 2004

AB 3087  Established the Kids’ Plate vehicle license plate to provide funding for children’s safety and child abuse prevention programs.  Chaptered 1992

SB 1956  Simplified and reorganized how foster youth cases would be handled.  Chaptered 2002



AB 38  Establishes a minimum hour standard of in-patient care following childbirth.  Chaptered 1997

AB 2878  Provides breast cancer treatment for uninsured women.  Chaptered 2000

ACR 53 (Kelly Abraham Martinez Act) Recommends the development of statewide perinatal depression collaborative taskforce.  Urges hospital providers, mental health care providers, health plans, and insurers to invest resources to educate women about perinatal depression risk factors and triggers.  Chaptered 2011

ACR 105  Designates each May in California as “Perinatal Depression Awareness Month” to facilitate increased awareness and education about perinatal depression.  Chaptered 2010

SJR 22  Memorializes the United States Congress and the President to enact the Microbicide Development Act to facilitate the development of microbicides to prevent the transmission of HIV and other diseases.  Chaptered 2006



AB 102  Enhances the penalties for committing domestic violence in the presence of a minor.  Chaptered 1997

SB 563  Expands domestic violence statutes to include former spouses and cohabitants.  Chaptered 1999

SB 564  Requires training for mental health in domestic violence detention.  Chaptered 2002