Membership Requirements

New Member

Junior League of Orange County, CA (JLOCC) New Member Program provides training and unique opportunities designed to inspire and empower women to make a meaningful difference in their community.  The program is designed for women with busy schedules and serves as an informational period to learn about the Junior League.  Each New Member can complete the program in as few as 4 months or as many as 18 months.  The time commitment of a New Member ranges from 5-7 hours per month and includes attendance and participation at various meetings and events scheduled predominantly during weekday evenings and weekends.

New JLOCC Members must fulfill attendance and financial requirements to become Active Members of the League.  Upon successful completion of the requirements, New Members will automatically become an Active Member.

JLOCC New Member Program Requirements:

  • Completion of the 4 mandatory New Member training courses: (1) JLOCC 101, (2) Leadership, (3) Projects and Community, (4) Fund Development
  • Attendance at General Membership Meetings
  • Volunteering at Community Project events
  • Supporting fundraising efforts, events, and activities
  • Participation in the JLOCC New Member Project, Kids in the Kitchen (KITK)

Annual Dues & Fees: Total of $258

  • $125 JLOCC New Member Dues
  • $43  Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) Dues
  • $60  New Member Program Fee
  • $30  Membership Welcome Package
  • AJLI dues will be prorated based on the start date of the New Member program
  • Payment plans are available

Once all requirements of the New Member Program are met, you will become an Active Member.

Active Member:

As an Active member, you will immediately be placed on a JLOCC committee.   In addition to your committee placement, you will be responsible for attending a designated number of trainings, community project volunteer events and fundraising opportunities. JLOCC offers a flexible menu of options to fulfill your requirements. On average, Active Members spend between 5-15 hours per month on JLOCC related activities.

JLOCC Active Member Requirements:

  • Completion of committee placement
  • Attendance at General Membership Meetings
  • Participation in Training events
  • Volunteering at Community Project events
  • Active participation in fundraising efforts, events, and activities
  • $100 annual fundraising obligation

Annual Dues and Fees: Total of $248

  • $205 JLOCC Dues
  • $43 Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) Dues
  • Dues are payable by April 30th.

Any Active member has the opportunity to become a Sustaining member, once she has completed 7 years of Active membership.

Sustaining Member:

Our Sustaining members have served as Active Junior League Members for seven years or more. They no longer have annual Member Requirements except specified annual dues; however they serve as mentors to the New Member and Active members of the JLOCC and act as a valuable resource of support and inspiration.  Many of our Sustaining members have applied their skills learned while volunteering in the League to serve as leaders in the community or other charitable organizations in Orange County.

Annual Dues: Total of $113

  • $70 JLOCC Dues
  • $43 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) Dues
  • Dues are payable by April 30th.