Membership Requirements

New Member

Junior League of Orange County, CA (JLOCC) New Member Program provides training and unique opportunities designed to inspire and empower women to make a meaningful difference in their community. The program is designed for women with busy schedules and serves as an informational period to learn about the League. Each New Member can complete the program in as few as 4 months or as many as 18 months. The time commitment of a New Member ranges from 3-5 hours per month and includes attendance and participation at various meetings and events scheduled predominantly during weekday evenings and weekends.

New JLOCC Members must fulfill attendance and financial requirements to become official Members of the League.

JLOCC New Member Program Requirements:

  • Completion of the (4) New Member training courses: 
    • JLOCC 101
    • Leadership
    • Projects and Community
    • Capital Development
  • Attendance at (3) Meetings, including but not limited to:
    • General Membership Meetings
    • Council Meetings
    • Leadership Meetings (Executive Management Team and/or Board of Directors)
  • Participation in (1) Community Project*
  • Participation in (1) Capital Development Shift

*Policy for 2nd Community Project including New Member Project waived through 2025 League Year.

Annual Dues & Fees: Total of $258

  • $125 JLOCC New Member Dues
  • $43  Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) Dues
  • $60  New Member Program Fee
  • $30  Membership Welcome Package
  • AJLI dues will be prorated based on the start date of the New Member program
  • Payment plans are available

Once all requirements of the New Member Program are met, you will become an Active Member.


A Member within the first 7 years of service, will be placed on a JLOCC Council. In addition to council participation, Members are responsible for fulfilling the following requirements. On average, Active Members spend between 5-15 hours per month on JLOCC related activities.

JLOCC Member Requirements (0-7 years):

  • Completion of 80% placement participation
  • $100 annual fundraising obligation
  • Completion of (2) Capital Development shifts
  • Payment of annual dues and fees by April 30th: Total of $248
    • $205 JLOCC Dues
    • $43 Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) Dues

After any Member has served for seven or more years, she has the option to forgo annual member requirements (as stated above) except specified annual dues. Annual dues are reduced for members of 8+ years of service. Many of our Members who have served for 8+ years will continue to apply and expand their skills by serving in leadership and actively participating in the League.

  • Payment of annual dues and fees by April 30th: Total of $113
    • $70 JLOCC Dues
    • $43 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) Dues

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