Director at Large

Amy Oliver

My eight years in the JLOCC has flown by and has been filled with placements throughout many of the councils. My first placements were with TCC exhibitors committee and Blind Children’s learning center and I then spent a couple years as provisional advisors and manager. The most rewarding has been the last two years serving as EVP-E and EVP and witnessing first hand all the incredible work of all the councils and how great strides can be made when they all work together. I am a southern California native, growing up in Fullerton. After attending Smith College for my BA I came back to attend graduate school at Cal Poly Pomona earning my MLA. I am a garden designer working on my own and consulting at other firms after over 12 years at a larger landscape architectural firm, I adore working on project big and small. When not chasing down or spending time with my son I am busy exploring nature, visiting museums and gardens, cooking, and reading.