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The Training Collaborative of Junior Leagues started as an idea in 2021. Our Junior League Mission states that we are an organization of women whose mission is to advance women’s leadership skills for meaningful community impact through: volunteer action, collaboration, and training.

Junior League of Orange County, CA leaders realized how important training is to our Mission and just how hard it is to plan and implement training opportunities throughout the year for our members. We reached out to other Junior Leagues around the world to ask them if they had the same issue with planning and providing training opportunities for their members. We were surprised at how many said “yes”! So, realizing that we had a need to address – we created the Training Collaborative of Junior Leagues.

The 2023-2024 Training Collaborative of Junior Leagues is a collection of 26 Junior Leagues from all over the world with one goal: to provide engaging and meaningful training opportunities for our 8600 total members. Our overall theme this year is Advancing Nonprofit Leadership. Each League in the Collaborative plans and implements one virtual training around this theme during the year and invites all of the members from the member Leagues to attend. Training opportunities this year will focus on:

  • the basics of being on or leading a team;
  • project management for a nonprofit organization;
  • how to get the most out of a mentor-mentee relationship;
  • diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging;
  • identifying and lifting up future leaders;
  • storytelling;
  • advocacy;
  • effective networking;
  • how to make and amplify civic connections; and
  • delegation and transitions

League training teams actively learn how to plan a training opportunity, identify speakers/trainers, and organize the logistics of the event. Each training opportunity is recorded and made available to each League’s members, so that every member has an opportunity to view the content. Each League is able to add up to 26 training opportunities during the 2023-2024 League year and only be responsible for planning and implementing one training opportunity. This is how our Leagues will work smarter and more efficiently.

We are drawing world-class trainers and speakers, community leaders, nonprofit pioneers, and entrepreneurs to speak to the Training Collaborative. We are providing engaging and meaningful training opportunities to our 8600 members of the Leagues of the Training Collaborative of Junior Leagues. We are expanding our reach outside of our own individual Leagues to meet and network with members from Leagues all over the world. We are absolutely stronger together.

If you are a League who wants to learn more about the Training Collaborative or someone who is interested in being a speaker or trainer, please email

If you are a woman who wants to learn more about joining the Junior League of Orange County, please email