Public Affairs Vice President

Eulynn Gargano

Eulynn Gargano has been praised by the OC Register, CafeMom and OC Family Magazine for her philanthropic work, dedicated to creating a new generation of givers. Susan Goulding of the OC Register lauded Eulynn’s commitment to “creating a legacy of giving” while OC Family Magazine proclaimed her prominence in cultivating a culture of “compassion and altruism at home” and beyond.
Eulynn has utilized her skills and training with the Junior League and State Public Affairs Committee to combat sex trafficking in Orange County and throughout the state of California. As a non-profit advocate, she has been trained to research and lobby on behalf of those who have been left voiceless. Eulynn has traveled throughout California to raise awareness on issue of human trafficking and empower others on how to become part of the solution. Most importantly, she travels to Sacramento to meet with numerous legislators and party leaders, asking for their support on the most pressing bills regarding violence prevention, health, education and human trafficking.
Eulynn is an entrepreneur who works with high school students across the country to achieve their dreams. Eulynn firmly believes that all students have a path of purpose waiting to be discovered. Her expertise on the college admissions process has helped hundreds of students find their path to college and her advice has been showcased in many publications throughout the country, including Teen Vogue and the US News and World Report.
Eulynn holds dual Bachelor degrees in English and Philosophy from UCLA and pursued her Masters in Education Policy from NYU.