Sustaining Member Vice President

Sara Young

Sara transferred to the JLOCC from Junior League of Los Angeles and her first placement was working on the League’s Strategic Plan, using skills she already had from her work experience.  The following year, despite her aversion to all things financial and her extreme uncomfortableness with asking for money, she accepted placement as the chair of a League fundraising opportunity, the OC Marathon.  Being on Fund Development gave her a true understanding of how focusing on the mission is essential in every League activity.

Later League placements included chairing a new project, arranging and facilitating training opportunities for members, and acting as the operational vice president overseeing headquarters and operations.  Being on the League’s Board introduced Sara to business budgets and nonprofit leadership.  Both have served her in her professional career and in her volunteer work outside of the JLOCC.

Sara served as President of the JLOCC during the 2016-2017 League year.  That year, she worked with Sustaining members to nominate JLOCC for an AJLI award recognizing the League’s long-standing partnership with Orangewood, and later, the Samueli Academy.  At the AJLI Annual Conference, the JLOCC was recognized for its contribution and partnership with the Community Impact Award.  Since joining the sustaining ranks, she has continued to support the League through leadership positions.

When asked about her experience as a JLOCC member, Sara shares: In my life, I have had several defining moments.  For me, joining the League, and later, saying yes to leadership (specifically, Presidency), were key defining moments in my growth as a professional, as a leader, and as a person.  I am thankful for the incredible women my League membership has introduced into my life, the experiences I have had because of my membership, and the skills that I continue to learn and refine